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Unraveling Off Grid Living

There are multiple ways to define living off the grid. What it ultimately comes down to is what “off grid” means to you. For some people it’s being completely sustainable on their own including their own source of water and power, no phones no internet and potentially even trading goods and services rather than being tied to the banking/money system. For other’s it’s somewhere in-between being self-sustaining yet still connected to the conveniences of modern society.

If the idea is intriguing to you on any level, we invite you to do some research. What you read may really be quite interesting. There are even social media (Facebook in particular) groups where people discuss their desire to live off grid, how they are currently off grid as well as asking questions you may never even thought of. Here’s a little bit about what we’ve come across so far.

1. Living off grid isn’t something you just decide to do and it’s done. There’s a lot of planning and preparation involved. As we mentioned, research and joining groups dedicated to the topic are great places to start.

2. As you know, location in real estate is everything and off grid living is no different. Not everyone can handle geographic locations that have cold seasons especially if you’re relying on your own sources of running water, food and heat.

3. Next you might consider the type of house you’ll live in. Many people chose cabins, tiny homes, RVs, yurts, they even convert shipping containers!

4. Food is a major factor, there’s so many things to think about when it comes to which foods will grow in the climate you live in if you’ll buy meats or game hunt and storing food just to name a few.

5. Other factors to put heaving planning and emphasis on would be your water source and how you’ll generate heat.

6. The last thing we’ll mention for now, is that buying land, building housing, and gathering everything you need to get started will cost quite a bit of money up front. You’ll have to figure out how to finance your off-grid endeavor.

By the way, how are your survival skills in general? Can you start a fire without a match or lighter? Do you know what plants are edible? Can you cook over an open fire? Could you essentially camp or glamp permanently? While we may not be able to help with all your planning we can help with the purchase of your land/off-grid location. Reach out when you’re ready!

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