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Turn Your Quarantine into a Quaran-clean

Have you found yourself forced to sit inside your home day in and day out? Have you started to notice all the work (small and big) that needs to be done? Fix this, clean that, paint here, repair there. It can be overwhelming; especially when you’ve got work, children and all things “adulting” on your plate. Here’s a few tips to help you seize this culturally memorable moment…

1. Make your list manageable. This means the list might have a few small items on it, or one larger item on it. It’s far less overwhelming to take on things you know you can complete within a day or two verses looking at a list that might take you all year. Once you’ve completed all the items on the list, start a new, small one.

2. Whistle-while-you-work. Okay maybe not but turn on some tunes, open the blinds, crack a window or two and have as much fun as you possibly can doing your adult chores.

3. DIY to save money. We’re spending less on gas but more on the shipping of the zillion online orders we’ve placed. It probably all evens out in the end but, consider DIY-ing some of the projects you originally planned on hiring someone to do. This will help save you money during a time when cash can be a concern.

4. You can’t over-clean. Especially if you plan on putting your house on the market. Potential buyers never say “this house is too clean” and people moving never regret having a good purge before they pack. Remember to tackle those “hidden places.” (Junk drawers, under the bed, storage sheds.) You may have a mish-mosh of items in those places but organize and place them as neatly as you can.

If you’re considering buying or selling a property contact us!

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