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To Stay or Not to Stay

You may be surprised to find out that occupied homes sell much easier than vacant ones. Some of the pitfalls to moving before you’ve sold your home are as follows:

Simply put, a vacant home feels vacant. Home buyers have a harder time connecting emotionally to something that feels empty. A vacant home can give off the sense of urgency leaving the potential buyer to wonder why the sellers left in such a hurry. Vacant homes can attract crime. If damage is done to property it could end up costing you, the seller, money. Additionally, some insurance companies won’t cover vacant homes so you may have to seek out special homeowner’s insurance.

There are many reasons to stay in a home while you are selling it. Most importantly occupied homes sell faster. Buyers can get a feel for the overall usage and size of a space when it already holds furniture, and it allows them to instantly identify the purpose of each room. There are advantages to you as the seller for staying as well. First, you are home to address any emergencies or repairs that spring up. Your home will not be as susceptible to crime, you’ll avoid having to pay utilities on two separate properties, and you get to meet the potential buyers.

Trust us, we understand the work it requires to sell a home! You have to be available for showings, keep the home as clean as possible, sometimes place belongings in storage but at the end of the day when the goal is to sell your home as quick as possible and for top dollar, it actually pays to stay.

If the circumstance is such that you just can’t stay, here are some quick tips on selling a vacant home: Let your neighbors and/or the police know you’re leaving so they can keep an eye on your vacant property. Make sure all door and window locks are in working order and/or, consider installing a home security system, or home monitoring system. Consider leaving some interior and exterior lights on, or putting them on a timer. Keep up with the maintenance on the exterior so it appears someone could still be living there. Hire someone to stage your home for showings, staged homes sell on average for 17% more so it’s a good return on your investment.

Good luck sellers! If you need assistance please contact us!

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