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Tips to Help You Pull off a Big Celebration in a Small Space

Even the biggest of homes can feel small when the entire family gets together. Beds and bedrooms fill up fast with out of town guests, entryways become crowded with coats, purses and boots and kitchen that seemingly has so much counter space just shrunk before your very eyes. To help you out, we’ve put together these ten tips to help you pull off a big celebration in a small space.

1. Clean & Clear – The more immaculate the space the larger it will feel. That includes dust bunnies and pet hair. In addition, clear all the clutter tuck away knick-knacks.

2. Use Every Inch – Create more counter space by putting away the Keurig, toaster, cookie jar, blender, etc. Use side tables, buffets, even book shelves if you must in order to use every inch of space.

3. Buy/Rent a Coat Rack – Rather than throwing coats and purses on a bed or cramming them into an already stuffed closet, buy or rent a coat rack and keep it in a hallway or out of sight but easily accessible when needed place. If you living in a condo or apartment you may even consider leaving the rack outside the door of your unit. (Assuming it’s safe to do so.)

4. Make Way for the Buffet – If you have a small dining table serve your food buffet style but keep dishes in pots on the stove to help free up even more counter/table space.

5. Go Easy on the Decorations Griswold – The more the merrier is so tempting but in a small space, less is more. Choose a few, small tasteful items that can be put in doorways (mistle toe) and on the wall versus table-top or large floor decorations.

6. Swap Spaces – If your dining room is small and your living room large, consider swapping spaces for your big soiree.

7. Make it a Mood – Use lighting to set the mood, instead of bright overhead lights use lamps and candles for a cool, intimate vibe.

8. Throw the Pillows – As in, literally toss a few large pillows on the floor to create more space, they are more comfortable and look better than folding chairs!

9. Mark Your Mug – To avoid having glassware pile up use wine glass charms, markers or labels so that people can keep track of their drink without having to grab a new mug.

10. Divide and Conquer – No need for all your appetizers to be in the same spot, place them throughout the entertaining space. This will also allow guests to move around and mingle!


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