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The Weather is Calling for Snow!

Okay did we get your attention? We really can’t rely on the weather forecast because it’s always wrong. However, we live in the Midwest and it’s inevitable that we’re going to get snow, and probably a lot of it. Not to mention some pretty cold temperatures.

Since Mother Nature likes the element of surprise, we recommend getting a head start on winterizing your home. If you’re like us, you’d rather get this out of the way when it’s 60 degrees versus wait last minute until after it’s freezing cold and snow is on the ground. Here’s a check list to help guide you.

1. Remember to turn off outdoor water spigots.

2. Clean all the fall leaves out of your gutters.

3. Speaking of leaves, clean them all up so you’re not left with such a mess in your yard come spring.

4. Attend to your roof and make sure there’s no damage or leaks.

5. Put away your patio furniture. (The cold weather can make it brittle/not last as long.)

6. You’ll get a lower cost per gallon on propane if you pay ahead.

7. Another way to keep warm and cozy and reduce time spent in the cold is to chop plenty of wood now.

8. Place plastic on your windows – you may want to be a little strategic about this once since it can be nice to open windows and let in the fresh fall breeze!

Getting a head start on your chores means that come winter you’ll have extra time to spend with family, watch football, go ice fishing and more!

Look Familiar?

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