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The Best DIY Ideas You Probably Have Yet to Think of

We scoured the internet and curated this list of 25, best DIY home improvement/design projects. How do we define, “best?” We think it means being both simple and cost effective. Oh, and by “scour” we basically went to page two of google search results. Yep. You’re welcome.

1. Paint outdated vinyl flooring.

2. Build a wooden frame for your television.

3. Spray paint dingy old air vents.

4. Paint the ceiling (not the wall) an accent color.

5. Hang an inexpensive picture frame around your light switch cover.

6. Add wooden planks to create an accent wall.

7. Peel and stick back-splashes.

8. Add molding and shelving to the top of your kitchen cabinets.

9. Glue wine corks to a piece wood and use the corks to hang necklaces from. (Paint the corks if you want to add a pop of color.)

10. Need two night stands? Cut an old table in half, paint them and prop/secure the halves up against the wall.

11. Two words. Floating shelves.

12. Go from closet to work space, by unhinging the closet door and replacing the rods with shelving. (A deeper shelf for your computer/writing and slightly more shallow shelves for storage. Add a fun antique or colored chair.

13. Sick of brass? Purchase a bottle of brass antiquing/darkening solution.

14. Look for and install creative and fun ceiling fans.

15. Paint your front door.

16. Swap out closet and furniture knobs for knobs with fun colors or patterns.

17. Use pegboard to organize a workbench space.

18. Install dimm

ing switches for ambient lighting. (Note: Not all LEDs can be used with dimer switches.)

19. Paint or add wallpaper to the exposed back panel of your bookshelves or cabinets with glass doors.

20. Hang new house numbers.

21. Do you find yourself constantly needing to rearrange? Place casters on your table or heavier pieces so they can wheel smoothing around the room. (Make sure to get ones with breaks!)

22. Add a ceiling medallion.

23. Lean an attractive ladder against a wall and in the bathroom, you have an instant towel rack and in living spaces or bedrooms, a place for throws and blankets.

24. Sew a pocket onto your throw pillows and store the remote in it.

25. Grow herbs and plants in an old over-the-door shoe holder.

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