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Summer Checklist for Your Home

With summer approaching fast we’ve put together a check list of maintenance items you’ll want to get done before the season starts. This way you can spend your time enjoying the things you love! Check out the items on this list and make sure you have a plan to get them off your to-do list.

1. Check your smoke detector and change the batteries if you need to.

2. Have your air conditioning system serviced before you need to turn it on.

3. Dust off your ceiling fans – pro tip: attach a dryer sheet to a paint roller to avoid all the dust falling in your face! Also make sure they are spinning counterclockwise – that pushes the air down to help keep things cool.

4. Have your fireplace/chimney inspected and cleaned – now that the colder season is over companies are not as busy and you’ll be set when winter rolls around to fire up the heat.

5. Clean all vents (bathrooms, dyer etc.

6. Prep your grill! Clean charcoal grills using hot water, dish soap and scrub brush. Clean gas grills by closing the lid and turning the grill on high for an hour. Once it’s cooled use a grill brush to clean and don’t forget to wipe down the outside and clean out the drip pans.

7. Wash the windows and repair any holes the screens so you can enjoy fresh air not fresh bugs in your home! Also consider inspecting the caulking around windows and spraying for bugs.

8. Pressure wash your siding, driveway patios and porches.

9. Inspect the following: play structures/swing sets, roof, fences and make the necessary repairs.

10. Clean gutters, add mulch, trim bushes and keep up with the general appearance of your landscaping.

That’s a long list and we could keep going! So, get to it! You’ll thank us when you can spend your summer on the lake and attending those backyard BBQ’s because you’ve got all your chores done!


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