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Providing a Pre-Inspection

When you sell your home there are a number of actions you can take that will get your house sold quickly and for top dollar. The more obvious things you can do include: keeping your house clean, removing personal items, removing dog/cat items during showings, and painting in neutral tones. In addition, you should consider having your home pre-inspected.

A pre-listing inspection is a written report that assesses the current condition of the home.  A buyer will still likely hire his or her own inspector, but having the pre-listing inspection completed sets you apart from sellers who haven’t taken this action.

In addition, it can attract more serious buyers and also shows you’re a serious seller. This is important because you’ll save time and money working with individuals who won’t back out at the last minute. 

Having a pre-listing inspection helps your agent market your home and finally, it provides the buyer piece of mind as to what they are getting themselves into. Click here for our list of preferred home inspectors.  If you’re serious about selling your home and would like more tips on what you can do simplify the process contact us today! 


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