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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Let’s talk finances...If you get a little squeamish when the topic of money comes up then maybe you haven’t carved out the necessary time to get your finances taken care of. No matter how much you earn, it’s important to have a plan for how you’re going to budget, spend, save and invest your finances. Not only is it important if you plan to purchase a home one day, but it’s important for your future and the future of your family/and or your legacy.

There are huge advantages to working with professionals who can help you allocate your money wisely. Now we know that saving money and living on a budget doesn’t sound like any fun but when you do the work early in life, the fun can follow! If you don’t want to be caught in the “someday” trap, you know, one where you dream of what you might do, maybe in retirement, or after you win the lottery or “someday” when you have money, then sorting this out sooner, rather than later, is your best bet.

Research your financial planners and advisors like you would anyone else you’re hiring for a job. Get to know them, ask questions about the type of client they work best with, make sure they provide the type of money management solutions you’re most comfortable with and that they communicate on a level you’re comfortable with. We’ve put together a list of potential prospects for you to get started with.

1. Aaron Widiker, Financial Advisor - Edward Jones

Aaron seeks to help clients who “value honesty, hard work and family.”

2. Jennifer Radostits – Financial Advisor - Northwestern Mutual

Jen seeks to “empower ambitious women and business owners with financial fitness that brings their bold visions to life while taking the questions out of wealth-building.”

3. Tim Fries – Financial Advisor - Raymond James

Tim aims to “provide exceptional client experiences [and] personalized financial advice and planning to a select number of clients who understand the value of having a dedicated and trusted team to help them and their families achieve financial freedom.”

*MSK Realtors and the advisors listed are not making (financial) recommendations nor is this article to be taken as financial advice.

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