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Let Me Count Thy Ways

Moving into a new home can be so exciting. Maybe it was love at first sight, the way the kitchen opened into the living room. Or perhaps you fell hard for those original wood floors…but then something happened. A little or maybe a lot of time passes and like a high school crush, you’re suddenly just, over it. Time to move. Well, maybe that’s not too practical. We put together a few ideas for what to do when the new wears off.

1. A fresh coat of paint can bring back the butterflies. Search for ideas online that are both creative yet stand the test of time these include things like ways to incorporate more than one color or accent walls.

2. Hang new doors. Consider white or the opposite dark stained wood, multiple panel doors, or even something as simple as chalkboard paint on the pantry door and watch those spaces literally transform before your very eyes.

3. Tired of making out on the same old couch? Get a new one! Can’t afford a new one? Something as simple as rearranging the furniture in the room can give it a whole new look and feel. Another way to refresh furniture and the room it’s in, is to swap out the hardware and fixtures.

4. Out with old, in with the new! Aside from new furniture if your budget does allow then you could also replace the carpet or cabinets or counters. Additionally, this is an investment into your home. If you’re ever in a position to sell, potential buyers are looking for these large ticket items to be up-to-date.

5. Last but not least, redecorate. A new throw pillow here, picture frame there. Make it personal. Photos of a recent trip, or set out curated items you’ve collected over the course of your travels.

Before you part ways with your home, see if these small changes can rekindle the love. If not and you simply need more function or space then as we mentioned before, at least you’ve made some small improvements for the next owner to enjoy.

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