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Five Tips for a Smooth Move

Moving is a big job! So we've left it to the experts. Our friends at C. Coakley Relocation Systems have prepared these helpful tips for you. 

1. Research quality movers – Ask friends and family for recommendations. Check out the status of their moving license and even look on their website for reviews.

2. Try to avoid peak moving times – Schedule several weeks in advance to allow time for estimates and get the best rates while the movers are still available. Summer is the busiest time of year for movers and weekends are busiest as are the first and last days of the month.

3. Get written estimates – Moving companies should send out an estimator to your home and provide a written estimate for the move. Getting a move quote over the phone leads to deception and typically a not pleasant move experience. Most companies charge by the hour for shorter distance moves and for longer distances (100 miles or more) the charges are determined by weight and mileage.

4. Pack by room and label – If you chose to do your own packing make sure you do it the right way so it is much easier for unpacking! You will want to start room by room and once a box is packed completely make sure to label what is in the box and where it is going in the new home. This way the movers can place the boxes in their designated rooms located on the boxes!

5. Supervise the move – Pay attention as your items are packed and loaded onto the truck and keep inventory to check against when you arrive at the new location. Be sure to report any damaged items before the movers leave.

Call now for a free quote! C. Coakley Relocation Systems Matt Tranchita 414-272-4040 (Milwaukee, Madison, Sheboygan)

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