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Feedback - Does Their Opinion Matter?

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Did you know, when you sell your home, you’ll often receive feedback after a showing? This feedback comes from the potential buyer. It can be both positive and negative as well as one or the other. It can be hard not to take negative feedback personally. However, doesn’t considering the opinion of someone who may actually be the purchaser of your home, make more sense than the opinion of someone who isn’t looking to buy?

Feedback can range from specific to general. Comments and concerns might arise about the condition of the home, it could point out features or options the home lacks or that the buyers really appreciated. Feedback is not restricted to the inside of the home, buyers may comment on landscaping or neighborhood, in addition to price point.

It can be critical to take action based on the feedback. The request for cleaning, small repairs and/or price adjustments from potential buyers can be the difference between selling your home quickly versus your home sitting on the market longer. If you’re motivated to move, we suggest incorporating the feedback as best you can.

Remember, buyers are likely looking at other homes. They’ll naturally compare your listing to everything else in their price point. This could mean brand new, move-in ready homes with no wear and tear. Their opinions can be a strong indicator of what your competition looks like.

“But it’s just someone’s opinion.” At the end of the day, yes and that’s why you shouldn’t take it personal. However, if you receive the same piece of feedback from multiple people it could be valid. Lastly, if your realtor or another realtor has touched on the same topic(s), then we strongly consider you to be all ears.


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