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Spring 2021 Housing Market Update

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

We’re expecting to see good things for the real estate market this spring. According to Realtor®.com existing home sales should shoot up by about 7%. We’re also expected to see buyers and sellers alike looking to take advantage of low mortgage rates before they begin to increase.

What this means for you as a potential seller is to get ahead start by scheduling your complimentary market analysis. A market analysis is when an agent tours your home and discusses points of emphasis for marketing as well as areas of improvement to meet the demands of today’s buyer. From there, you and the agent can discuss pricing strategy and next steps.

As a buyer, you may want to consider contacting an agent so they can set you up with an auto search. In our next blow we’ll discuss which websites and apps are best for starting an online home search. In the meantime, know that the criteria by which an agent can select and filter is far superior. It also offers the ability to instantly provide feedback to your agent such as “no,” “maybe” or “yes,” as well as schedule a tour. It’s a direct line of communication between you and your agent about the houses that truly fit your needs and hey, when the market is competitive this process can provide major time saving advantages!

To schedule a complimentary market analysis or to discuss your next purchase contact Sissy Knopps. 715.828.0903 |

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