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Six Design Trends for Fall, 2018

Looking to change up the look and feel of one or more rooms in your home this fall? Here are six design ideas that are trending this year.

Go neutral. Rather than design being about color and contrast, the new trend is utilize texture and shape.

Display what you love. The curated look is super in right now. Simply show off the things you love, the quirkier and more whimsical the better.

Tell a story. Trending this fall is designing each room to tell a story about your life, how you live and where you’ve been.

Wallpaper. Yep it’s back. If you’re not ready to use it on a wall just yet, designers suggest trying it on the back of a bookshelf or display.

Plaid is in. This bodes well for us who love the look of  the “northwoods” design. You can make your plaid more modern by mixing it with other patterns such as an animal print or stripes.

Patterns at the table. When preparing for gatherings this fall, keep an eye out for plates, dishes and serving trays that have fun patterns, colors and designs. Mix and match to create an eye-catching display for your guests.

Are you eager to show of your design skills? Send us your work and a few details about what/why you choose for your newly decorated space. We’ll share it on Facebook for all to admire! E-mail our marketing personal at: *(This is not a contest. By submitting photos you agree to have them publicly displayed.)

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