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Should I Build or Should I Buy?

This is a great question that many families wrestle with. The answer isn’t the same for everyone. The answer depends on many factors. Here are some of the benefits of building versus buying your next home.

1. Time – The process to build can take much longer than the process to buy.

2. Layout – When you build a home you can pick the layout and every last detail down to exactly how you want it. For example, you can choose energy efficient materials from the beginning. When you buy, you may have to compromise on a few things in terms of layout, updates and technology. One piece of advice when you’re buying a home is to pay close attention to the structure of the home which can’t be changed, versus paint colors and flooring type which can be changed.

3. Competition – Building a home pretty much eliminates any competition. When you buy a home, many other families may be considering the same property you are. This can be stressful as well as drive up the purchase price.

4. Budget – There won’t be much, if any, negotiating on the price to build your home. An experienced realtor can help you choose the right builder for your needs and your budget. When you purchase an existing home, remember to factor any upgrades you want into the overall price. You may find it adds up quick!

5. Emotional Experience – While both processes of building and buying a home can be stressful, ultimately consumers do say building is a whole new level of stress.

Talk over both options with your realtor. Agents like us are well versed in the current market. We can help determine what value and price point homes are going for, what land is available for building in the area you desire and we are familiar with neighborhoods, builders, and other agents who you’ll be working with regardless of which option you choose. Ready to consider building or buying? Let’s talk! 715.828.0903 |

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