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Marketing Matters

When it comes to getting your home sold, marketing really matters. We take pride in being able to execute many successful marketing tactics that help get your home exposed to serious buyers. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Below we've listed just some of the marketing tactics that set us apart and to successfully sell homes in the Chippewa area. 

Website - Not only do we list your home on MLS and all sites such as Zillow and Trulia that automatically pull MLS listings, but we also list your home on our website which averages ad additional 350 monthly repeat users.

Social Media - We have 525 Facebook followers and that number increases every time we post a new listing to our page. 

Direct Mail - Marketing 101 - Remain top of mind. Throughout the year, we take time to directly reach out to consumers through direct mail campaigns that educate them on the market!  

E-mail Marketing - Not only do we show up in local residents' mailboxes but we show up in their inboxes as well! Our monthly e-mail marketing campaigns outperform industry averages both in open and click through rates meaning our audience is actively engaging with our websites, social media pages and listings! 

Advertising - We have advertising down to a science, we understand the importance of timing and target markets. Best of all, the advertising we've executed on behalf of our clients often times decreased the time the home sat on the market. For example, we've sold homes in as few as one day on the market! 

Networking - When we are not working for our clients, we are making connections with mortgage lenders, builders, contractors, handymen, movers and other industry professionals in order to build our database of like-minded professionals who we can easily refer you to. 

Creativity - We're always brainstorming new ways to help home sellers and buyers just like you. Recently, we've decided to not only feature homes, but feature home buyers as well. We understand the hesitations you might have, so we highlight real life families, these are serious buyers that are in the market for a home just like yours! 

If you're ready to experience the difference marketing can make, contact us today! 

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