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Homes Sales in a Hot Market - What the Seller Should Expect

If you’re looking to get a home sold, you’re in luck. There’s a shortage of homes for sale on the market and a surplus of buyers. This is allowing for quick sales at what are often higher price points. As a seller, here’s what you can expect in today’s hot real estate market.

1. If you’re working with an agent, you may find that through their network efforts, buyers will be interested in your property before it’s even listed.

2. When your property hits the market be prepared to have your home staged and ready to go for showings. A lot of showings. You’ll likely receive multiple requests for showings on the first and second day your home appears in MLS and on real estate websites.

3. Be prepared to entertain multiple offers. Each offer will likely be unique and contain different stipulations, pay attention to the financing (cash offer vs financed) closing dates, inspection requests or lack thereof and whether or not there’s a contingency and then choose the offer that best fits your current situation.

4. If you should choose an offer with a quick closing date, be sure you’re organized. You’ll have a lot to do in terms of preparing for your own move, there’s the packing, the cleaning and of course – have you found a place to go?

5. Remember, the flip side of a sellers’ market, is that buying can be challenging. If you are selling make sure you are ready to buy so you’re not stuck without a place to dwell. Other options include staying at an alternate property you may own, with friends/family or consider a short-term rental.

Contact us immediately if you are looking to sell your home. As we mentioned, we have a multitude of buyers looking to purchase a new home right now. We’d love to help out both parties!

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