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E-Learning and Work-From-Home Pro Tips

Until recently most of us commuted outside the home for work and/or school. This means when you purchased your home an office or work space may have been an original wish list item but ultimately became something you sacrificed on. Then 2020 happened and we all found ourselves suddenly working, learning and living all up in each other’s business. In an effort to combat this conundrum, we put together some pro tips for how to set up an at home workspace.

1. Location, location, location! This is the number one rule in real estate and of course when you purchased your home, location was a major, if not the most important priority and your at-home workspace is no different. Choose a quiet space. This isn’t the kitchen table or any other space centrally located within the home. Ideally, it’s a separate room or space that can be section off but if not, get creative with the nooks and crannies within your home. It’s also important to avoid setting up a workspace for children in the same space they play in to help minimize distraction and increase distinction between fun time and learning time.

2. Get lit. Lighting is a key factor in your ability to stay awake as well as reduce the strain on your eyes so keep the area well lit.

3. Comfortable, but not cozy. You want to choose seating that allows you to sit tall, feet firmly on the floor but your bed, the couch or your favorite La-Z-Boy is not the ideal space. Specifically, because these areas of your home have been areas that signal your body and your brain to rest. If you work from your bed, you’re going to quickly find that both the quality of your work and your sleep diminish. This holds true for children learning from home as well. There’s a reason while their desk at school isn’t made from memory foam.

4. Additional ergonomics. Everyone in the home who spends any amount of time on a computer or in front of a device with a screen should be wearing blue light blocking glasses. Blue light, which is given off by all the aforementioned devices puts strain on your eyes and disrupts your circadian rhythm.

Google and websites like Pinterest can be a great place to search for inspiration. Look for images and articles that depict creative spaces in the home that can double as work spaces. If all else fails make it your number one goal to choose a space with minimal distractions. Staring at the fridge or even having the TV on in the background or listening to music while trying to work or learn, will all lead to decreased productivity.


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