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Baby It's Cold Outside

Welcome to the Midwest where the cold weather nips your nose and bites your toes! If you’re like most homeowners you’re looking for ways to reduce your monthly bills. While we can’t do much about your cable bill, we can recommend some tips for reducing the cost of your heating bill. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

First check your wardrobe. If you’re hanging out in shorts and a t-shirt then cranking up your thermostat, you might consider dressing a little warmer. Also, be sure to keep your feet warm because cold feet can lead to our whole body feeling colder.

Second, speaking of the thermostat, lower it. You can save up to 3% on your bill for every degree lowered over a 24-hour time period. And now that you’re dressing a little warmer you may not even notice it’s down a degree or two.

Third, use a programmable thermostat. If you’re gone during the day consider keeping it cooler then. On the other hand, studies show we sleep better when it’s cooler so you could also consider lowering in the evening hours.

Fourth use some strategy when deciding which vents in the house to keep open and which to keep closed. Why heat a room that’s rarely used. Shut the vent and the door to unused rooms and remember, heat rises.

Fifth on our list is to use what you do on a daily basis to add extra warmth to your home. For example, after using the oven, TURN IT OFF, but keep the oven door cracked up and let the warm air out. 

Remember hot water adds to the heating bill so sixth on our list is to turn your water heater down a few degrees again, it’s likely to go unnoticeable.

That reminds us, conduct regular cleaning and maintenance on your furnace and change your air filters to permit better air flow throughout your home.

Get your “ducts” in a row – seal and insulate heating ducts. Many have very small leaks which can be fixed with simple and inexpensive roll of metallic or duct tape.

Don’t forget about your windows. Let the sun in through them during the day, keep them closed at night, and add insulation around them if they are drafty. You can also save big time by installing plastic window treatments.

Did someone say insulation? Number ten on our list of ways to keep frosty out is make sure your home is property insulated. Basement insulation is sometimes overlooked but can definitely keep your home warmer in the winter and sometimes, improving your home’s energy efficiency can help you qualify for a tax deduction or credit!

There you have it. Ten tricks to reduce your heating bill. Now, all you need to do is figure out what to do with the savings.  Lastly, if your heating bill is the least of your concerns and you’re ready to sell or buy, contact us, we’d love to help!


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