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A Powerful Selling Strategy

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Marketing is an important aspect of selling your home. Great photos, maximum exposure on websites, MLS and social media and of course communicating the home’s major features and selling points will peek buyer’s interest. However, it doesn’t stop there.

One tool for getting an offer on your home over the competitions’ is to offer a home warranty. Offering a warranty gives the buyer added piece of mind when choosing your home. This is particularly true among first-time home buyers. These buyers often have increased concerns or hesitations about unexpected repairs.

The average home warranty will cost anywhere between $550 – 800. A small price to pay for a major selling feature that positions your home over others and gives your buyer added confidence to purchase your home. The warranty usually covers appliances and system such as the dishwasher or garbage disposal. Warranties do vary, so it’s important to know exact what is covered under the one you purchase as well as to make sure the buyer is aware of the policies terms and conditions.

Keep in mind that home warranties are not the same thing as, and don’t replace, home insurance. However, if you’re looking for ways to make your home more attractive to buyers, marketing the fact that you are offering a home warranty might just do the trick. Lastly, not only is the warranty a great perk for buyers but it offers coverage for you the seller, while your home is on the market! For more information please contact us.

* Buyers tip: If you're interested in a home that doesn't come with a home warranty, you could always ask the seller to provide one. Have your real estate agent help you negotiate this request.


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