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8 Date Night Spots in the Valley

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

We curated a list of our favorite date-night spots. We realize we’re a little late for Valentine’s Day but, the year is young and there’s plenty of time left and not to mention plenty of reasons why you should plan a night out. The following spots were chosen mostly for their atmosphere and/or ambiance. We encourage you to ditch the cell phones and spend time connecting with your significant other, loved ones, friends and family at these local hot spots.

1. Wissota Chophouse – naturally we had to include this upscale restaurant but that’s not the only reason it makes the list. We also love it for its “staycationability,” just in case you also want to book a room and turn your night out into an overnight out.

2. Max’s Bistro – in our humble opinion this one has one of the best menus. This busy bistro is a great place to enjoy some tasty eats in a lively, yet intimate setting.

3. Sheeley House – tried and true this local joint has been around forever. If you haven’t read up on the history of this building, we highly suggest you boo, oops…do.

4. Stella Blues – we love Stella for her ability to put a little southern spice into our northern night out.

5. The Livery – their website claims its modern comfort food to tickle your taste buds and we figure hey, who doesn’t need a good tickle? Especially on date night.

6. Sakura – if you can’t get to the ocean for a romantic get-a-way at least bring the ocean’s assortment of fresh sushi to you.

7. Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse – craving some Italiano? You can never go wrong with a steakhouse on date night, they are also great for double-date night and groups. That’s why we included two on our list!

8. Sandbar & Grill - If you're looking for a fun over a formal night this local bar and restaurant on the lake is your spot. Not to mention they have good food and a fun atmosphere.

The next time you’ve got a reason to celebrate consider a reservation at one of the establishments on our list. Remember, if you have a great experience to leave a positive review for them online small businesses appreciate your support! Not to mention it lets tourists and new-comers know that our little town has some noteworthy nosh!

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